This is where it all begins. If you want to learn how to write beautifully, may it be a story, a sincere letter, a note of appreciation, or even an article, you should have passion for what it is that you are writing. Passion is the fuel which will drive the outcome of your writing, and touch the hearts of your readers.

Imagine playing basketball if your passion is not in basketball but in football.

Imagine playing the guitar if your passion is not in playing the guitar, but in hitting the drums.

Imagine pursuing a degree in Management, when ever since a child you've already dreamed of becoming a Philosophy major.

Imagine writing about the current state of the economy, when you know practically nothing about it because you're not passionate about it.


It is always best to begin with what you are passionate about. Learning how to write good stuff is about knowing the root of everything- your passion.

Think for a second about what you are passionate about. Are you doing something about it?

The heart knows.

Write with passion. It is the meaning of your writing.

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