How To Write A Good College Application Essay

Before anything else, I suggest that you start by reading some essay writing guides online. These essay guides are usually available for free, and will really help you understand the fundamentals of writing well. Reading first a guide to writing essay pieces will be very beneficial for you!

To begin writing your college application essay, you first need to take a deep breath. Inhale, then exhale. Make sure to remove all forms of doubt before starting, as these can be detrimental to your writing. Don't be scared, you can do this!

Step 1: Your selling point
Think about what makes you different from the other students. Why should the college choose you and not the others? Be careful in answering this question though, as some students tend to bash other people in trying to lift themselves up. This will not be helpful for sure.

Step 2: List your achievements
Mention in your essay the things that you were able to do when you where in high school. Be careful to not brag about them too much though, and instead focus on trying to be humble in dealing with them.

Step 3: Simplify
The people who will read your college application essay would have to go through numerous essays. Don't make it harder for them by using highfalutin words. Use simple everyday words.

Step 4: Double check!
Make sure that your grammar is correct, and that all words are spelled correctly. What a shame to be rejected from a college just because of this!

Try reading this for more examples on learning how to write a good college application essay!

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